Design to fall in love with

What is "attractive"? It's something that always lies in the eyes of the beholder. All the same, aesthetically appealing design is not left to chance. For impressive results, exacting design concepts can only be created with innovative, perfected technology: purist, handleless furniture design ... large-surface cabinet fronts with precision, hairline reveals ... high-performance working components hidden from view once they are installed.
Aesthetic form is a treat for the eye – and for the soul. Because beauty and design perfection create a sense of harmony and well being. Feel it!

Hey guys, design is more than something that just appeals! Good design is also a philosophy. That's important to me at home too, in my furniture. Design, material, finish – it all needs to have class. And provide perfect functions.

Designer profiles for your new multifaceted lineup: for ArciTech & InnoTech Atira

Bye bye, monotony: now infinite variety comes to drawers and pull-outs! With attractive designer profiles from Hettich. Differentiating has never been as easy! Always another look. Always with stunning effect. Always cost-efficient.

Show a new side: easily create unmistakeable combinations with designer profiles. Welcome to the ArciTech / InnoTech Atira many sided lineup!


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Living perfection: AvanTech drawer system

Perfection is what we aspire to deep within. Now you can experience it more impressively than ever: with AvanTech, the perfect drawer system for superior furniture. Absolutely linear, with minimal radii. No holes or cover caps in the drawer side profile With puristic design and its precise front profile, AvanTech makes a good impression straight away. Even before you experience its outstanding stability and running performance.

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Fascinatingly delicate furniture design with the Sensys thin door hinge

Whether an airy light purist look, classy combined facing panels in glass or exclusive materials – suddenly everything is possible. With a unique insertion depth of not even 8 mm, the new Sensys thin door hinge opens up previously unimaginable options in the choice of material.


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Sliding can be as attractive as this: InLine XL

The first sliding door system to do away with handles completely. For the last word in design flexibility. InLine XL lets you create flush fitted units that provide premium-class convenience: opening in response to a light pull on the door's leading edge.


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Design in motion: SlideLine M sliding door system

SlideLine M provides the capability of combining open and closed sections in furniture. The one track, close fitting sliding door system functions as a practical design element on shelf systems and kitchen wall units.

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You want to impress and stand apart from the competition? Offer furniture in a wide range of designs and configurations? Meet customers' demands with individually tailored solutions? And all involving the least possible cost and effort in production and logistics? In this case, the Hettich platform concept is just made for you.

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